Respite for Families

What this page says

  • Respite support gives families and caregivers time to rest and recharge.
  • It also gives your family member who is supported by CLBC time to connect to community.
  • There are two ways to get respite support. These are called “direct-funded” and “contracted” respite.
  • You can talk with a CLBC facilitator about respite support.
  • You and your family member play an important role in deciding how you get respite support.

Respite support provides time when your family member’s needs will be met, allowing you to use that time for yourself as you choose. A respite provider will stay with your family member who is eligible for CLBC support for a few hours, or overnight. During this time, your family member has a chance to participate in social or recreational activities they are interested in and can develop skills and social connections.

Respite support is flexible and you can use this support in a way that best suits your needs. Respite support can take place in your home, at the home of a respite provider, or in your local community.

The kind and amount of support you receive is based on the need for help in specific areas. You can click here to learn how CLBC makes decisions about funding supports.

The benefits of respite support

Respite has several benefits that can enhance quality of life:

  • It gives families time to rest and recharge
  • It ensures your family member is well supported
  • It provides social and recreational opportunities for your family member in their local community
  • It provides flexibility about where and how respite support is delivered

How do I access respite support?

If your family member is eligible for CLBC supports, a CLBC facilitator can talk with you about respite support.

There are two different options for getting respite support:

  • Directed-funded Respite – You as a family member receive funding that is used to pay for respite support. In this case, you would be responsible to coordinating your own respite support. This includes recruiting, screening and monitoring your respite support provider.
  • Contracted Respite – CLBC or a service provider agency funded by CLBC will coordinate respite support for you. In this case, the agency will handle recruiting, screening, monitoring and paying your respite support provider.

Talk to a facilitator about respite support

To talk with a CLBC facilitator about respite supports you may be eligible for, please contact your local CLBC office.

Click here to find your local office contact information.

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