Individualized Funding

Individualized Funding (IF) provides individuals and families with flexible, person-centred, self-directed payment options for arranging, managing, and paying for supports and services. For more information, please see the following documents:

Individualized Funding Policy (172KB pdf)
Guide to Individualized Funding (250KB pdf)
Individualized Funding Fact Sheet (450KB pdf)

Individuals and families have two payment options through Individualized Funding: Direct Funding or Host Agency Funding.

Direct Funding

Direct Funding is an IF payment option where funds allocated by CLBC are paid directly by CLBC to an individual or his/her agent (family member or representative) for the purchase of supports and services. For more information, please see the following documents:

Direct Funding Policy (198KB pdf)
Managing the Money – Direct Funding Simplified (157KB pdf)
Managing the Money – Direct Funding Standard (258KB pdf)
How to find out if your Support Workers are Employees or Contractors (106KB pdf)

Host Agency Funding

With the Host Agency Funding payment option the funds allocated by CLBC for the purchase of individualized supports and services are paid by CLBC to a Host Agency that has been approved by CLBC and selected by the individual and family. The Host Agency administers the funds and works with the individual and family to arrange and manage the supports required. This option provides the benefits of Individualized Funding, but with less responsibility for paperwork and record-keeping. To learn more, please see the following policy:
Host Agency Funding Policy (198KB pdf)

For agents who have a Direct Funding Standard Agreement with CLBC the Privacy Protection Schedule referred to in Section 7.7 of your agreement is available through this link:
Privacy Protection Schedule (29KB pdf)

If you have a Direct Funding Simplified Agreement and need a copy of the Compliance Report, please click on this link:
Direct Funding Compliance Report (32KB Word document)

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