A community full of connections

Interview by Aine Rathwell

Alison is a member of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN). Alison is a very active person. She plays lots of sports, she is a Special Olympic Athlete and a community volunteer. CLBC Editorial Board member Aine Rathwell interviewed Alison to hear her story.

Aine: Tell me about your PLAN Network.

Alison: I love to have a PLAN Network. I have lots of friends, and gatherings. I like this a lot.

Has your Network increased your friendships?

Yes! I know lots of people. I have a great Connector named Rebecca, she organizes lots of gathering with my friends. She is really good at being a Connector. She should get a raise!

How do you feel about having a network?

I feel so good about it! I feel lucky to have a PLAN Network and I thank my mom for joining PLAN. Having a network of friends means that I have people to talk to, or to help me out when I need them.

What are some of the highlights of your network?

I have had lots of fun gatherings with my friends. Some of the things we have done include pumpkin carving, card making, paddle boating, movies and bowling.

PLAN is family-led non-profit organization dedicated to building inclusive communities for all citizens. We were founded in 1989 by parents who wanted to ensure their children could live good lives and contribute to their communities – especially once parents have passed away. While our founders were initially focused on their children with disabilities, the five components we use to define a good life are universal: loving friends and family, a home of one’s own, financial security, participating in decision making and the ability to contribute their unique gifts.

Together with families, PLAN:

  • builds personal support networks that empower contribution and full citizenship
  • implements plans to ensure loved ones with disabilities are safe and secure for their lifetime
  • brings together a network of families to provide mutual support and learning opportunities

To learn more, visit www.plan.ca, email hello@plan.ca or call 604.439.9566.

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