An independent mindset

“For me, being different is a gift and I have the independence to see it that way,” says Patrick Clark.

by Patrick Clark

Independence, after all, is a perception, and once I understood this concept, no one could ever limit me again. I choose what the word “independence” means to me. Therefore, I have:

The independence of thought. I am free to think and perceive any way I wish. To see beyond the normal limits of “No, you can’t do that.” Everything can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. Who would want to do it the normal way, anyway?

Independence to take action. The “independence of thought” gives me the power to take action, because I see that there is no limit. True, it may be difficult and take some time to achieve, but it involves me with life, keeps me connected, and that can only be good.

From the “independence to take action” comes joy and freedom. All because, “independence, first and foremost, occurs in my head.” It is a perception and an interpretation which I can change at any time. That is true independence in my book. Because, as long as one is thinking and feeling freely, they are most likely more independent than those who accept the limitations of normal perception.

From “joy and freedom” comes new ideas and fun. Is it any wonder that I seek out challenge and enjoy the road less traveled on? For me, being different is a gift, and I have the independence to see it that way.

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