Booking a trip to the library

by Natalie Popov

Natalie checks out books and movies that interest on her regular visits to the library.

One place I feel included is at the Vancouver Public Library. I go there every day but not Tuesday. I enjoy going to the library because it’s fun!

In the morning I get up and get ready to head out to the Vancouver Public Library. I take the Canada Line Skytrain and get off at Vancouver City Centre.

When I get there, I talk to the librarians, ask them how they are, and talk about the weather. The librarians help me find books and DVDs. They are friendly. I enjoy reading about history.

I usually take out Star Wars and any other movie that catches my attention. Every time I go I borrow books and movies. I walk around the whole library.

One time I was on a computer and I put my money into the print machine and it ate my money. I called the librarian on the phone and she came and helped me. It made me feel great.

Vancouver Public Library in
downtown Vancouver.

Another time I left my cell phone at the library and the staff called my dad and told him that my phone was at the library. I was scared but after I felt happy that they found my cell phone. I think the staff at the library are very helpful.

After I am finished at the library I go back to Richmond again. I feel proud going to the Vancouver library by myself!

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