Chutney business adds spice to life

Roshni has turned her love of cooking into her own chutney business.

By Roshni Kashyap

I am Roshni and I like to be called Rosh. That’s why my business is called Rosh’s Chutneys. I am 23 years old and they say I have Down’s Syndrome, but that does not get ME down. With the support of my family, I make and sell chutney.

What is chutney? I call it a sauce with a twist and I make it in three varieties: sweet, mild, and hot. Chutney is a sauce recipe from India, where I am from. I make my chutneys from my own recipes and I use cranberries from here in B.C. Cranberries are very healthy and delicious. My chutney can be used as a sauce with meat and with vegetables and as a spread or dip and in other ways too. If you go to my website,, you can learn more.

I enjoy selling my chutneys. I display them by having a stall and talking to people in different communities and selling to them. This October, I had a stall at the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley. That was a huge festival! I also had a stall at the 100 Braid Studio in New Westminster. This was in August 2015 and I was part of the Culture Crawl. Recently, I sold my chutneys at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation conference in Vancouver. I live in Coquitlam and I like going to different places and meeting people at my stall.

I am doing what I love, cooking! I have loved cooking since I was very young. I use skills I learned from my parents and my sister and from taking the Food Services program at Vancouver Community College. I wasn’t happy with the job I got after the program because it was really only cleaning in a restaurant. Then my family and I discovered how good I was at making chutney, and then we formed my business, Rosh’s Chutneys. I love making chutney!

I do presentations in the community for people like teachers and I promote the mission statement of my business: “To provide meaningful employment to others with special abilities.” Rosh’s Chutneys is a company with a good idea: with a little support we can all go a long way. I believe that, and I want to let other people know about doing what you love and having a business.

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