Learning independence

For Charlotte, attending Vancouver Island University and taking part in the campus community has helped her build independence.

by Charlotte Heine

I’ve found my personal experience at Vancouver Island University (VIU) has helped me build my independence by connecting with the university community and increasing my ability to express myself through writing. One thing that made it that way were the instructors, including Kathleen, Brandon, Janina, David, Robert, Nicole, Leon, Ross, and Nelson and the other staff members such as Mary, Zoey, Bonnie and Debbie. I use their knowledge, wisdom, tips, tricks, and advice in my current writing and will continue to use these lessons in the future as well.

The people at VIU are wonderful, students and faculty alike. The staff are very helpful, the courses are informative and fun and the environment is inclusive and encouraging. If you want a good educational experience, I recommend VIU.

For example, when I was in the process of enrolling, I received a warm reception and everyone was quite accommodating towards me and my needs. They were happy to help me in any way possible within reason.

There are lots of opportunities to make new friends or catch up with old ones. It’s surprising how many people say “Hi” to me when I’m on campus. Some I do recognize and others I try to figure out when I met them and how I know them. Nevertheless it’s great. Everybody’s so friendly and it’s what makes it an awesome university.

In addition, VIU has a culinary program and a variety of clubs, extra circular activities, theatrical performances, special events, functions and fundraisers supporting all sorts of causes and initiatives.

Connecting with fellow students, taking part in campus activities, improving my writing skills and being included in the VIU community really help give me a sense of independence.

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