Make a difference in your community

“I like the feeling of contributing to my community.” – Eldon Carter

By Eldon Carter

Hello my name is Eldon Carter. I have lived in Quesnel, B.C. for about 37 years, which is most of my life. I am part of my community through Special Olympics, self advocacy, the CLBC North Community Council and my two jobs.

I have worked at Eagle Village Supplies for 15 years. I also work in the summer at the RCMP detachment washing police cars. My jobs are important to me because I like the experience of getting to know the company I work for. I like the feeling of contributing to my community. My jobs are also important because it shows that there are people out there who can work even though they have a disability.

I’m trying to get our self advocacy group going again. It’s a place where we talk about our rights and try and change things so we can be more involved in our community, like advocating for the buses to run until 7:00 pm at night. We organized a Walk the Talk for Community Living Month in October. People from the City of Quensel and CLBC came out to hear self advocates talk about what is important to us and that we want to volunteer, work and help out our community.

Community awareness is important. We need to show that we are here and capable. I hear the word “inclusion,” but I don’t think about the word too much. To me it’s just important to have fun in your community and for the community to know that people with disabilities need to be involved. I feel like years ago we were getting labelled not very nice things. So it’s good to be a leader and to show people we can do things even though we have a disability.

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