Seeing beyond limitations

by Jilly Henderson (Aldergrove)

For Jilly, an accessible future means going where she wants, without having to face limitations.

Hi, my name is Jilly Henderson and I am 34 years old. I live in Aldergrove with my Mom, Dad and dog Lucy. An accessible future to me would be to continue to live in the home I love and attend my day program, but I would also love to have additional support to go out in the evenings and weekends to do things with my friends.

I work every Wednesday at J & J Sales. My job title is Shipper / Receiver. I do filing, pull parts and box up packages to be shipped. I have had this job for 13 years and I really love my work family.

I also attend a community inclusion day program four days a week through Inclusion Langley Society. I started going here right after high school and I have made some great friends. We go on a lot of fun day trips and sometimes we have evening events like: Fly Over Canada, Paint Nite, Richmond Night Market and tons of other fun activities.

On the first Tuesday of the month, I go to our Self Advocate Committee Meetings and we talk about special events coming up and projects we are working on. Some projects I have been involved with are: The Self Advocate Bill of Rights, voting seminars, a Plain Language Guide to Supported Decision Making, a Plain Language Guide to Employment Standards as well as planning for Summerfest and various conferences.

I do respite every second weekend with a close family friend. She takes me out for dinner, to movies and we play a lot of games. I have a Compass Card and I use HandyDART every day to get me to my program and to work. Living in an accessible community means that I can go anywhere I want, without being restricted by my disability.


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