Board energized by tour of Vancouver services

Visiting Developmental Disability Association (left to right): Tasia Alexis (DDA Program Assistant Director), Kathy Bright (Board Member), Stephanie Rich (DDA Manager), Danielle White (DDA Program Director), Jean-Claude Ndungutse (CLBC Integrated Services Manager), Onkar Biring (Board Member – front), Randy Schmidt (CLBC Communications and Stakeholder Relations), Jake Anthony (Board Member), Lynn Davies (CLBC Interim CEO).

Board member Kathy Bright said she felt welcomed, energized and excited by the day she spent recently touring services for CLBC-eligible individuals in Vancouver.

The tour of programs gave Kathy and fellow board members Onkar Biring and Jake Anthony the chance to see how programs try to connect supported individuals to their community, the issues faced by those with complex medical needs, as well as the opportunities and challenges in community outreach services.

“As a relatively new board member, I found this to be a day for deep learning,” said Kathy. “Agency staff gave us a warm welcome and were clearly very committed to those they serve.”

Visiting Vancouver Resource Society (left to right): Jean-Claude Ndungutse (CLBC Integrated Services Manager), Randy Schmidt (CLBC Communications and Stakeholder Relations), Lynn Davies (CLBC Interim CEO), Jake Anthony (Board Member), Onkar Biring (Board Member), Lesley Da Silva (VRS Day Program Supervisor), Sarah (program participant), Kathy Bright (Board Member).

During a visit to a Vancouver Resource Society community inclusion program, VRS staff described their superhero-themed profiles of participants, explained kitchen, art and garden activities, and showed off a wall of photos of activities in the community.

“As one of the newer board members, the tour provided me with an excellent opportunity to connect with, as well as to learn from both service providers and the individuals CLBC supports,” said Jake. “From these invaluable interactions with folks in the community, I now have a deeper understanding of the challenges our clients and service providers face on a daily basis. I also learned more about areas where CLBC is succeeding in providing the best quality services and supports, as well as where we can strive to do more.”

Developmental Disability Association offered a tour of a staffed residential home for individuals who live with significant health challenges. The board had a chance to learn about the importance of creating a home where people can stay as they age, including having it be accessible and flexible for support and nutritional needs that emerge around aging.

“I was happy to see the efforts made to make the home accessible,” said board member Onkar Biring, who also uses a wheelchair. “We also heard about the challenges for renovating homes within the community.”

The day ended with a visit to John Howard Society’s community services location in East Vancouver. The group was thrilled to see the hub of activity and hear how JHS is creating a warm and welcoming place offering diverse services and community programs.

Visiting John Howard Society (left to right): Alanna Parker (JHS Regional Director), Jean-Claude Ndungutse (CLBC Integrated Services Manager), Kathy Bright (Board Member), Lynn Davies (CLBC Interim CEO), Jake Anthony (Board Member), Sahara Chiang and Vishal Kumar (JHS staff members).

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