Genuine care has impact

For Terry Gill, a Quality Service Analyst in Abbotsford, having enthusiasm for
problem solving with families makes the biggest impact in people’s lives.

Sometimes, seeing a friendly, familiar face makes all the difference.

Terry Gill, a Quality Service Analyst and 13-year veteran at Community Living British Columbia (CLBC), hopes he can be that for many who visit the Abbotsford office.  

“I have always had a passion to help others,” he says. “There is no better feeling than seeing individuals achieve their goals.”

More than paperwork

Terry’s job primarily involves negotiating contracts with service providers, which requires him to understand how to set up services in a way that will be successful for individuals and their families. He also spends much of his time focused on connecting families with direct-funded respite support — services they can access to help with daytime or overnight supports, to ensure families have time to re-charge.

For Terry, making a real difference is more than filling out the paperwork; He says it’s having genuine care and enthusiasm for problem solving with families that makes the biggest impact.

“Getting to know the people we serve on a face-to-face, personal basis is hands-down the best part of my day,” says Terry. “The mutual trust we build helps us work together to reach their goals and live the life they want.”

When asked for an example, Terry explains, “Several years ago, while at the gym, I recognized a father who had come to our office seeking our services for his son. I wasn’t even the staff facilitator assigned to help them, I just simply wanted to say ‘hi’ and ask how his family was doing since his visit.”

Though Terry didn’t think much of it at the time, his sincere interest in the family’s wellbeing helped build a lasting relationship. The father routinely asked for him when contacting CLBC after that, and Terry was always happy to help.

 “It was six years later when I received a call from the same father requesting if we could meet that afternoon, which we did. Curious to know what this could be about, I was so touched to learn the man just wanted to let me know they were moving to Korea, and to thank us for everything we had done for his family.”

His personal vision

Since beginning his career at CLBC, Terry has held several positions, ranging from administrative to finance roles. A husband and father of four, Terry also recently reached his own personal goal, a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the Fraser Valley, which led to his newly earned role as an Analyst.

What drives his work is his personal vision.

“We are here to help support lives filled with possibilities in welcoming communities. This means each of the individuals we assist is valued as being a contributing member of society, and more importantly is able to realize their own potential.”

Terry’s tips for families:

The first meeting can feel overwhelming as families receive a lot of information at once. The best way to begin is to start with open dialogue. Clear communication and transparency is key to ensuring we can come together for the benefit of everyone. Sometimes it’s a good idea for families to bring an additional family member or friend who they trust to help them through the process.

It’s also helpful to share about the strengths and wants of an individual and what kind of support they would like, as often times the conversation can be focused on their areas of challenge.

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