Celebrating Community Inclusion Month 2019

Ross Chilton, CLBC CEORoss Chilton, CEO, Community Living BC

The Province of British Columbia has proclaimed October 2019 as Community Inclusion Month to celebrate the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life, and to recognize the contributions they make at home, at school, at work and in the community. Read the proclamation here.

This will be the 21st year that October is marked as a time to celebrate inclusion in B.C. It will also be my first time celebrating Community Inclusion Month as CEO of CLBC. My first months in the role have been a wonderful learning experience and I am excited to see the many ways people will be coming together in communities across the province during October. Art exhibitions, dances, a comedy show, an inclusion chain, an amazing race, and a pancake breakfast are just a few of the events taking place. Visit our website here to find out about events happening near you and check back during the month as we will be posting stories and highlights.

During October, CLBC will be hosting award presentations for the winners of our annual Widening Our World (WOW) Awards. These five inclusion champions, along with the many other nominees, show us the impact that people, businesses and organizations can have on making their communities more welcoming and inclusive for people of all abilities.

I encourage everyone to take some time in October to do something to recognize the people in your community who live with developmental disabilities, as well as the family members, friends, caregivers, service providers, volunteers, community groups, employers and others who are committed to their full participation in community life. From joining a community event to supporting a local business that hires people with diverse abilities, there are many ways we can each play a role in creating communities that are welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

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