WOW Winner builds confidence, connections through music

Left to right: Veronica Somers, CLBC Director of Regional Operations, Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, Peggy Nancarrow, WOW Award winner and Albert Stadt, WOW nominator.

Peggy Nancarrow is being recognized today with a Widening Our World (WOW) Award for her exceptional contribution to helping the people CLBC serves to develop skills, confidence and connections through music.

CLBC’s vision is to build welcoming communities that provide opportunities for people with diverse abilities to connect and contribute. Since 2009, CLBC has presented WOW Awards to recognize people across the province who are helping to build communities where everyone is valued, respected and has opportunities to participate.

Peggy is one of four recipients of the 2017 WOW Awards. She was nominated by Albert Stadt, a self-advocate who works for the Ozanam Centre in Saanich, for volunteering her time and expertise each week to help over 50 participants build skills and relationships through music. Peggy – a former music teacher – leads music sessions where people can meet each other, learn to play instruments and sing songs, and develop leadership, confidence and friendships.

Over the next two months, three other WOW Awards will be presented to British Columbians who are making inclusion a reality for people with developmental disabilities. They are:

  • South Surrey – Alexander Magnussen, self-advocate, for building awareness and creating greater understanding at provincial and national levels to help schools and community better include people with diverse abilities.
  • Langley – Nick Nuraney and John Archibald, employers, for their leadership over the last 20 years in hiring people with diverse abilities in the Langley area.
  • Nanaimo – Eve Reinarz, service provider, for developing services and grassroots community building initiatives that build independence and connect people to their community.

The 2017 nomination process invited British Columbians to nominate someone they think is creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to lead full lives, have rich relationships, choices in how they live, and employment opportunities. CLBC received 47 nominations for its ninth annual awards process and winners were chosen by an evaluation committee of community members, CLBC community council members, CLBC staff and people served by CLBC.

Nominations for the WOW award were submitted throughout October and November 2017, and selection took place in December. Click here for a full listing of people who were nominated for the award in 2017, and the people who nominated them.

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Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction:

“On behalf of government, I would like to congratulate Peggy for her outstanding commitment to make life better for people with developmental disabilities in the Victoria area. Her work – through music and passion – is a great example of a creative, engaging and entertaining way to bring people with diverse abilities together and help them build their self-esteem.”

Lana Popham, MLA for Saanich South:

“Peggy’s commitment to our community and to making life better for people of all abilities is what makes her so deserving of this award. I would like to congratulate Peggy and pass along my sincere gratitude for her contributions to our community!”

Seonag Macrae, CEO, Community Living BC:

“I want to congratulate Peggy Nancarrow for receiving a WOW award this year, and thank her for her efforts to build people’s skills so they have more confidence to contribute to, and participate in, their communities. Everyone has a role to play in building inclusion, but it is leaders like Peggy who help to light the way.”

Albert Stadt, Nominator:

“Peggy has experience as a music teacher and she really knows her stuff. She has really helped a lot of people build their confidence so they can do more in community.”

Peggy Nancarrow, WOW Award Winner:

“Being part of community is important to me, and I believe people of all abilities need a sense of belonging, friendships, and opportunities to learn. I also believe that celebrating diversity makes our community richer for everyone. I am honoured to receive this award, and grateful that the work I am doing is seen to be contributing to inclusion.”



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