CLBC designs improved approach to planning with the people it serves

When a youth is found eligible for Community Living BC (CLBC) services (typically in their high school years), part of their transition into adulthood includes understanding the opportunities and options available to them. This includes typical things like getting a job, going to school, and expanding their social connections and roles in community, as well as disability-related supports and services available through CLBC.

At other times in a person’s life there are transitions or changing circumstances that create the need for review, exploration and planning. Regardless of the circumstances that create a need to plan, individuals and families have consistently told CLBC that the existing planning processes are not fully meeting their needs. CLBC understands that the first experience individuals and families have with us can set the tone for our long-term relationship. In response, CLBC implemented the Planning Review project.

Initial consultation and research for the Planning project showed individuals and families have different planning interests and needs – some desire more in-depth, detailed exercises, others want more of a “light” planning approach, and some may not be interested in planning at all. The research also showed the great benefits of shared planning and learning opportunities when individuals and families interact with each other as part of the planning process.

CLBC is using a method called User Driven Design to develop CLBC’s new planning process. User Driven Design means the “users” of the planning process – individuals, families, CLBC front line staff, and in some cases, service providers, government, and community partners – are involved in designing the proposed approach, processes and tools to identify and improve:

  1. the way individuals and families are introduced to CLBC
  2. their knowledge about resources in and outside CLBC, and
  3. options for how individuals and families plan with CLBC 

Between May and August 2017, in Kelowna, Victoria, Terrace, Abbotsford over 100 users of the CLBC planning process tested how CLBC can help increase people’s knowledge about resources and services available in and outside of CLBC. Based on their input, more users from five additional communities (Merritt, Nanaimo, Salmon Arm, Surrey, and Vancouver) tried out (or “trialled”) this part of the new planning approach to finalize it.

In October – November 2017, CLBC will be testing potential new ways to plan with CLBC in communities across the province. People who are CLBC-eligible, and interested in planning with a CLBC facilitator, will be invited to participate. In January 2018, CLBC will ask individuals, families and service providers to support the design and testing of improvements to how people are first introduced to CLBC.

The final revisions to CLBC’s new planning process will be completed in the spring of 2018, followed by training for CLBC staff and implementation of the new processes in June 2018.

The Planning Review project is one of CLBC’s key priority projects for 2017/2018 and supports the Strategic Plan goal of strengthening relationships with individuals and families. CLBC will continue to provide updates on the project – and opportunities to participate – through our website and newsletter.

Click on here to read the Planning Review factsheet.

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