2018-19 include Me! Results

Below are links to the provincial results from the 2018/19 include Me! survey in the Vancouver-Coastal, South Fraser, Southern Interior and North regions:

2018/19 Overall Storyboard for include Me!

2018/19 Overall Summary Report for include Me!

It is important to note that for many service providers, the information being collected through include Me! over the next few years should be viewed as baseline data. Providers and CLBC will need time to absorb the information, consult with stakeholders, and begin to make decisions about how to respond.

Those service providers who are resurveyed in the include Me! survey process will be able to review their results and determine if they have improved from their baseline (or previous) year. Ideally, service providers’ scores will show an improvement in those areas in which they have made efforts to improve individual quality of life.