Laurie and Dave: Bowled over by love

Laurie and Dave met almost 40 years ago at a bowling alley in Burnaby. They crossed paths while Laurie was finishing a game and Dave was starting one.

“I saw this beautiful girl and I wanted to talk to her,” says Dave. “I was nervous but I wanted to know who she was.” Dave and Laurie spent hours talking to each other that evening and have been together ever since. “I kept her out past 11:00 that first night,” says Dave. “I don’t think her dad was very happy about that.”

“I guess you could say he bowled me over,” Laurie says while laughing.

Dave and Laurie began their relationship in the 1970s, a time when society didn’t easily embrace two people with developmental disabilities being in a relationship. Dave and Laurie’s families supported them through all the milestones that every couple goes through, like finding a home and getting married, and never let outside opinions interfere.

“I think our parents were scared like many parents are when their children want to move out,” says Dave. “But even though they were afraid, they knew we needed our independence and that we loved each other and we would always look out for one another.”

“We will be celebrating our 33rd Valentine’s Day as a married couple,” says Laurie.

“I remember when I proposed,” says Dave.  “It was the most romantic moment.  I had just purchased the ring and we were on our way to a friend’s house. I stopped in the middle of the hill got down on my knee right there in the street.”

“That was a great day,” says Laurie fondly. “I remember our wedding, it was beautiful, and our parents helped us with money for a honeymoon. We went to Disneyland.”

After all these years Laurie and Dave are still making each other laugh, keeping each other young, never taking one another for granted and always looking out for one another. These are the key ingredients to long lasting love and friendship.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Laurie and Dave!

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