CLBC board members connect with community in Kamloops


Connecting in Kamloops: (standing, left to right) CLBC Board members Mona Murray and Tom Christensen (Chair), CLBC Director of Region Operations Jody Stuart, and Thompson Cariboo Community Council Chair Ross Spina. (seated, left to right) Self advocates Tracy Jo Russell and Tami Pedersen.

CLBC board members Tom Christensen (Chair) and Mona Murray recently spent the day in Kamloops meeting with self advocates, community members and families to learn about services and what its like to live and be supported in Kamloops.

The first part of the day had the board representatives visiting the ASK Wellness Society of Kamloops to learn about their cluster living program partnership with CLBC. The program focuses on helping those that want to live independently but struggle to maintain housing.  ASK works with other agencies including Interior Health, RCMP and the City to provide supportive outreach services to CLBC individuals to promote healthy, independent living skills in order for them to live as independently as possible. ASK believes in the housing first philosophy and they recognize the value and potential of each individual that crosses their path.

“The staff at ASK never judge, never question; they just want to help,” said CLBC board member Mona Murray. “Everyone has a right to safe and affordable housing, and ASK recognizes that a healthy community is an inclusive community. I appreciate the staff at ASK taking time out of their busy day to teach us about their partnership with CLBC and the positive impact it has made on the community and the people they support.”

After learning about ASK, the board members visited an open house at the local CLBC Kamloops office where many people took the opportunity to discuss the services they receive, the services being provided and the work that takes place in Kamloops to make it a more inclusive community for all. The day ended with the board members meeting with the local CLBC community council and some members of the Kamloops self advocate group, SUSA (Speaking up for self-advocacy) to discuss the importance of inclusion, acceptance and improving quality of life.

“I met many wonderful people and leaned about the great programs and practices taking place in Kamloops,” said Board Chair Tom Christensen. “I was inspired throughout the day, and am excited to bring the information I learned back to the rest of the CLBC board to make sure CLBC continues to respond appropriately to individuals and families.”

This year, groups of CLBC’s board members will visit six local communities to connect directly with service providers, individuals, families and CLBC staff to learn about regional diversity and service delivery throughout the province. Board members will be visiting Surrey and Vancouver in the upcoming weeks. Click here for more information CLBC’s Board of Directors.

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