Celebrating the power of growing up together

Brothers and Sisters: The Power of Growing Up Together is a safeguards resource created by the Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) with support from CLBC.

PowerofGrowingUpBorderThrough images and stories, this publication celebrates the power of sibling relationships, and how they can affect neighborhoods and communities to make them more inclusive and safer for everyone. Brothers and sisters are often key voices in advocacy, community access, relationships and storytelling in terms of their sibling’s strengths and assets.

This collection of stories shows how each of us can make a difference in many people’s lives when we express the need for communities to be welcoming and appreciative of people with developmental disabilities and their family members.

Click here to read Brothers and Sisters: The Power of Growing Up Together

Project like this one, led and coordinated by the Family Support Institute, help ensure the voices of the individuals and families it serves are heard. For information on ordering a printed version of this book, please contact FSI at fsi@fsibc.com

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