Community Living Month 2014

October is Community Living Month in BC. The Province of British Columbia recognizes Community Living Month to celebrate inclusion and raise awareness of people with disabilities as fully participating members of our society.

This is the 16th year Community Living Month has been acknowledged by the province. Throughout this month and beyond, the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation and Community Living BC will continue to promote improvements to quality service, support the individuals CLBC serves to find employment opportunities, and build partnerships and collaboration that foster inclusion.

Throughout the province, community activities, events, celebrations and awards will be taking place. In Surrey, the City, Surrey Board of Trade, local Rotary, service providers and CLBC are hosting an employer award dinner on Oct. 15, 2014, to recognize businesses who are hiring adults with disabilities. In Chilliwack, self advocates will be gathering for their 16th annual conference for the self advocacy movement. And in many other communities across B.C. the month will be acknowledged with open houses, art shows, and activities focused on youth transition, recreation and employment.

As part of improving quality in service delivery, during the month, CLBC is helping to support the first Hearts and Minds conference in the Downtown Eastside to better address the needs of adults diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and working with the University of British Columbia on the 4th Health and Well-Being conference, where the latest research and best practices for supporting adults with developmental disabilities will be shared.

Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae, Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility Linda Larson and CLBC’s new CEO Seonag Macrae will also be meeting with individuals and families, employers, service providers, community partners and CLBC staff to discuss opportunities and challenges in the sector.

Established in 2005, CLBC is a Crown agency that funds supports and services to over 16,000 adults and their families across British Columbia.


Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation Don McRae –

“Community Living Month is a time to recognize the contributions of people with developmental disabilities – and to acknowledge the people who support them. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come in building inclusion and accessibility, and to commit to increasing acceptance, understanding and diversity in our communities.”

Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility Linda Larson –

“I’m excited about my new role and moving forward Accessibility 2024, government’s 10-year plan to make B.C. the most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities. We know that when barriers are removed, and people with disabilities are able to participate fully in their communities, everyone benefits.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting people throughout the province during Community Living Month in October, and seeing for myself the accomplishments of people with disabilities and the dedication of those who help support them and champion the right to live a full, inclusive life.”

CLBC CEO Seonag Macrae –

“Every day, individuals and families, service providers, employers and community partners across B.C. are working – in ways big and small – to build inclusion for the people CLBC serves. Community Living Month is an opportunity to celebrate these achievements and recognize the dedication, commitment and advocacy of a sector that in 60 years has helped move people from institutions to being part of, and contributing to, communities.”

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Watch for Community Living Month updates on CLBC’s Start with Hi Facebook page and Twitter feed. To find and post updates, use the hashtag: #clmonth2014

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Community Living BC – 604 209-7608

Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation – 250 356-1670

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