Setting the pace

by Orrin Milne

Orrin celebrates the recent holiday season with fellow members of the Vanderhoof Masters Running Club. Back row (left to right): Brian Nemethy, Ken Simon, Jennifer Little, Wanda Nemethy, Jeremy Seely. Front row (left to right): Claire Radcliffe, Orrin Milne, Jessica Seely, Alexis Seely.

My name is Orrin Milne. I’m a runner. I run most Tuesday nights at the Vanderhoof Masters Running Club. I have a slower pace, but the whole group has different speeds and paces so that makes us the same.

I started running 12 years ago when I was 20 years old. I do like to get out and enjoy the weather and stay fit.

Orrin runs in the Kelowna Sun Rype half marathon.

I have a running coach named Brian Nemethy. He used to be my 5th grade teacher. It was hard for me to join sports in high school, so Brian encouraged and supported me to become a runner. He helped me with a running schedule where I worked up to running eight kilometres a day.

Brian organizes the 8km Wild Goose Chase race in our town of Vanderhoof. When Brian told me about this event I was happy to take part. I can run this race in 41 minutes and 55 seconds.

In 2008, I made it a goal to run in a half marathon. I succeeded at this goal with the help of good friends who ran with me. Now I have run in 10 half marathons! My last one was in October at the Kelowna Sun Rype half marathon. I ran 21kms with 900 other runners. My time was 1 hour, 44 minutes and 34 seconds. This was one second faster than last year.

I also run to meetings and to and from my job. I work at Jim’s Independent Grocer. It’s just across the train tracks on the other side of town. I have worked there for 12 years and I am a happy employee.

Running has helped me get to know people all over town. People recognize me because of my running style. I’ve just learned as I go. It’s hard sometimes, but if you try over and over you can achieve your goals. I’ve learned there’s no right or wrong time to come across the finish line.

Orrin enjoys the post-race festivities with his running coach Brian Nemethy.
Orrin proudly displays his competitor number and medal from the 2018 Sun Rype half marathon.
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