CLBC News – Summer 2019

Ross Chilton joins CLBC as CEO

Ross Chilton, CLBC CEOIn May, CLBC’s Board Chair Michael J. Prince announced the appointment of Ross Chilton as CLBC’s next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ross begins his new role on August 12, 2019.

Ross has served as CEO of Community Living Society since 2007, where he helped expand support and employment options and formed the Community Living Housing Society to support innovative, inclusive housing solutions. Ross is also a parent of an adult son with developmental disabilities.

“Ross is the right candidate to build on the solid work CLBC has done under former CEO Seonag Macrae in recent years to strengthen services,” said CLBC Board Chair Michael J. Prince. “Ross stands out for his core values, his compelling passion, and his deep understanding of the challenges and the opportunities ahead for advancing the inclusion of individuals who live with developmental disabilities.”

CLBC updates its strategic plan

A sample screen shot from CLBC's plain language videos.

New videos describe CLBC’s vision, values and Strategic Plan in plain language.

This May, the CLBC Board approved CLBC’s updated 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. The plan has been slightly amended, following a check-in process with self advocates, families, advocacy groups, service providers and staff.

The consultation asked if CLBC’s top four goals were still important, and if our implementation projects were the right ones. We heard that CLBC’s goals to better serve people with multiple complex needs and to strengthen relationships should continue to take top priority. We also heard that more priority should be given to developing alternative housing options and supports and strengthening relationships with Indigenous peoples. You can find CLBC’s updated Plan on a Page poster and 2017-20 Strategic Plan by searching “Strategic Plan” on the CLBC website.

To accompany the release of the updated Strategic Plan, CLBC has launched a series of three short videos in plain language to explain the Strategic Plan, as well as CLBC’s vision and values.

The scripts for these videos were developed through a collaboration with BC People First. You can watch all three videos on CLBC’s Youtube channel at:

Learn about welcome workshops in your area

The CLBC Welcome Workshops are a series of four two-hour workshops that welcome people new to CLBC by sharing valuable information about resources in the community and about how different supports and services fit together in the big picture of adulthood.

The four workshops are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Community Connections
  3. Planning Choices
  4. CLBC – The Real Deal

The workshops help people new to CLBC learn about CLBC and our services, potential supports in community and how to connect with other individuals and families.

Welcome Workshops are organized by local offices across the province. To find information about all upcoming Welcome Workshops, including those taking place in North Vancouver, Sechelt and Abbotsford this fall, visit the CLBC online event calendar by going to and visiting What’s New > Event Calendar.

If you are interested in attending one of these Workshop series, please call your local office to register and for additional details. If you would like to learn more about Welcome Workshops, visit this page on our website: How do I get support? > Attend the CLBC Welcome Workshop Series.

Twenty-five per cent of people CLBC serves are now reporting income

Research shows employment is key to helping people with developmental disabilities have improved quality of life. A job promotes friendships, financial security, inclusion, belonging and confidence.

Since January 2013, when the Community Action Employment Plan (the Plan) was launched, the number of people CLBC serves who are reporting income has grown from 2,200 to 5,065 (the target for the Plan for 2019 was 5,000). This is great news and could not have happened without the hard work and dedication of self advocates, family members, service providers, employers, community groups and CLBC staff who are committed to meeting the “vision of B.C. having the highest rate of participation in employment among people with developmental disabilities in North America.”

While significant progress has been made in the number of people working, there is still a growing number of people CLBC serves who want to connect to their community through employment. CLBC and its community partners are currently working on setting a new target and identifying projects that will guide the work to continue increasing inclusive hiring over the next three years. We are calling it Community Action on Employment. In recognition that everyone has a role to play in helping raise awareness about the benefits of inclusive hiring, in Fall 2019 a small consultation will be held with individuals, families, service providers, government staff and employers to gather their input to inform this work. We look forward to updating you more on next steps for Community Action on Employment in winter 2019.

Interested in learning more about inclusive employment and the benefits of working? Visit the Canadian Association for Supported Employment at

Want to share your story about your job? If so, please send an email to and someone will contact you to request an interview.

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