Following diverse paths to independence

CLBC Editorial Board Members are (left to right): Vanessa Mendoza (Vancouver), Bryce Schaufelberger (Mission), Amber Rainshadow and Glimmer (Victoria), Sam Milton (Gitsegukla), Carrie Derickson (Richmond), Lee Kissinger (Victoria).

Hello! We are the CLBC Editorial Board made up of self advocate and community living leaders from across the province. Our role is to work with CLBC to improve communication with the people they serve and to find ways to share the stories and contributions of people with diverse abilities in BC. Working together on this magazine has been one way to let CLBC, and the broader community, know what we think is important.

The theme for this summer’s edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES is about what independence looks and feels like to people with diverse abilities and the different paths people take to gain independence in their lives. We want to honour the fact that independence means different things to different people and that we all have the right to pursue independence regardless of the level of support we may need.

You will read stories about people with diverse abilities whose sense of independence comes from having a home, pursuing goals, falling in love, moving away, and following their own life path.

You will read how independence isn’t always about being able to do it on your own, it’s about being able to decide how it’s done and who gets to help.

For us on the Editorial Board, independence is about confidence and the freedom to be yourself in your community and at home. It’s about living life in your own way with support you can trust, having new experiences, showing others what you’re good at, and feeling proud of your accomplishments.

If you would like to share your story about what independence means to you, please visit and click “Submit your story idea.

We’d like to thank all the members of the self advocacy community and others with diverse abilities who contributed their story to our magazine.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for the next edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES.


The CLBC Editorial Board

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