Independence can be as unique as each one of us

CLBC Interim CEO Lynn Davies.

Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES, a magazine developed by CLBC’s Editorial Board and written by self advocates in British Columbia. For this edition, our theme is “The many paths to independence.”

The different ways people find independence are as unique as the authors who submitted their stories. For some it is a mindset, for others it comes from being involved in activities in their communities. For Dale and Leanne Froese, who are featured on the cover of this edition, independence comes from supporting each other to pursue their own goals and passions through a marriage of over 20 years.

Although independence is often associated with not relying on others, a common theme that emerges through these stories is that we all play a role in supporting each other’s independence. As Amber Rainshadow says in her story, “Slowly, over time I have gained the courage to speak my truth and to live my own life. With a group of wonderful individuals who assist me in day-to-day life, I am able live as independently as possible in a way that works for me and my community.” I hope you enjoy reading the stories and learning about the many paths to independence as much as I have.

As always, this edition also features recent news updates from CLBC, including new plain language videos about CLBC’s updated Strategic Plan and information about upcoming Welcome Workshops taking place across the province. In the news section, you can also read about CLBC’s work with self advocates, family members, service providers, employers and community groups to increase employment opportunities. We’re happy to report that the number of people CLBC serves who are reporting income has grown from 2,200 to 5,065 over the past six years.

It has been a pleasure to introduce this edition of the magazine to you, and to serve these past several months as Interim CEO before CLBC welcomes Ross Chilton as its new, permanent CEO in August. You can read more about Ross in the news section.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are having a wonderful summer and we look forward to continuing to share many great success stories and news updates with you throughout the rest of the year.


Lynn Davies
Interim CEO,
Community Living BC

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