My experience with COVID-19

by Krystian Shaw (Kamloops)

Support from those close to him and medical staff helped Krystian stay positive through the experience of having COVID-19.

My name is Krystian and I am the owner and publisher of the Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter. I want to share my story about having COVID-19 and what I am grateful for.

On March 24 I started to have symptoms of a bad sore throat and cough. At midnight on March 27 my mom checked on me and I had a fever of 102. She called an ambulance to bring me to the hospital. The paramedics arrived at our home all dressed up in masks and body suits. They put a mask on me and my mom. They didn’t want my mom to come with me, but she insisted to help with my communication. Luckily, my mom was allowed in the ambulance if she wore gloves and a mask.

When we arrived at the hospital we had to wait in the ambulance until the doctor came out to get us. Then we were allowed to enter, but we had to go through a special door to a special place in the hospital. I remember my back was sore and my heart was beating very fast. The doctors decided I would be admitted to the hospital because my oxygen level was below normal.

I was upset because my mom couldn’t stay with me and wasn’t allowed to visit. 24 hours after I was admitted I started to feel better, but I couldn’t go home because both my mom and I are immune compromised. I had to stay in the hospital for one week. The hardest part was that I couldn’t see my mom. She had to stay quarantined at our home by herself.

I am grateful for Facetime. I Facetimed with my mom every day and that made me feel better. I am grateful to the nurses and doctors that looked after me. I felt safe in the hospital. They were all nice to me. I am grateful to the Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion.

They supported my mom when I was in the hospital. They brought her food and supplies and took our garbage out. This helped so much.

I was still contagious when I got home. I had to stay in my room. I could come out to watch TV with my mom as long as we had masks on and sat two meters away from each other. My support worker dropped off things for me to do and helped us with our shopping. I want to say a very special thank you to Melody for being there for us.

The nurses called us everyday to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. It was hard, but everyone helped and supported us. I am grateful that my mom never tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone was so kind and looked after us so well.

Even when I was sick, I never missed a month of publishing my Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter. You can read the May edition of the newsletter on here to find a story I wrote about how much the nurses looked after me in the hospital. And don’t be afraid if you have to get a COVID-19 test. The best thing to do is just relax so it doesn’t hurt.

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