Putting emergency resources on the map

For many, the recent months have felt like endless days of social isolation and physical distancing. Yet even with all the challenges presented to us by COVID-19, these times have demonstrated an amazing sense of community connectedness and solidarity.

To celebrate and capture this community response, a team of CLBC Welcome Workshop Presenters and Family Support Institute staff and volunteers formed a remote mapping team and worked to map the places and spaces providing assistance and support to people during the pandemic.

You can find resources, like mental health supports and opportunities for virtual social connection, by visiting www.mycommunitybc.com.

Simply click on “Explore your community” then choose the “Emergency Community Response” category to see what has been mapped during COVID-19.

Community Mapper and Comox Valley Self Advocate Liaison Sherwin Strong describes how this experience provided him with hope and connection during these strange times.

“It has been surreal knowing the whole world probably never expected life to change in such a quick and dramatic fashion. For six weeks our mapping team worked together to research and share community resources and supports available during COVID-19.

We mapped businesses and organizations with the hope of reaching people like us who were learning how to navigate this new way of life. Being part of this team reassured me that I, like others, still have a vital role to play. One thing I’ve made sure to share with colleagues, family and friends is the acknowledgment that we all have skills and abilities that we can contribute even during times of confusion and despair. Being part of this work kept me from feeling lost and helped restore the internal drive of doing what I love: helping others.

I feel like COVID-19 has given us a chance as human beings to truly have a wholesome appreciation for our lives and others around us. And that whatever we thought was “normal” isn’t at all.

We have a chance to start a new normal and to shape the world we want to see, without limitations and with understanding, love and care. I know that for as long as this COVID-19 virus carries forward we will prevail and come out the other side better than we imagined possible.

Thank you to everyone this may reach. I want you to know that you mean a great deal. You matter and you are loved.”

myCommunity BC

myCommunity BC is a website that maps places and resources that are inclusive, value diversity and are welcoming of everyone. It is crowd-sourced by people like you working together to strengthen opportunities for inclusion and connection in their communities. The more people add to the map, the more there will be to explore. Visit www.mycommunitybc.com to explore the map, and you can hit the “Suggest a Place” button to make your own contribution.

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