Sharing love and life together

Aaron and Angel first met in 2012 and are now planning their wedding.

By Aaron Barsarowick and Angel Nelson

We are Aaron and Angel from Penticton, B.C. We have been dating for three years and on June 27, 2015, we moved into our own apartment together.

The minute I set eyes on Angel I never wanted her to leave my sight. We met at an adult program on April 17, 2012. We both love to watch sports, travel to visit friends and family and attend self advocacy conferences. This year will be the third time we have travelled to Ferndale, Washington for our Christmas vacation.

We both work at Boston Pizza. Aaron has worked there for 17 years, and Angel for one year.

In October, we shared our story about moving in together at the 2015 Interior Self Advocacy Conference called “Living Successfully with Diverse Abilities.”

Before making the decision to live together, Angel lived in home sharing for five years and Aaron had his own apartment. Everyone has been very supportive of our choices. But we still took our time.

We split the cost on bills and groceries and we share house chores. When we go out for dinner or a movie we share the cost. We help each other out with the budget and we talk about it together. We have our own support and some that we share.

We both love watching Toronto Blue Jays, Vancouver Canucks and BC Lions games on TV.

We love each other by giving each other loving hugs and by killing ourselves laughing. When one of us is down and out we cheer each other up. When Angel’s power chair breaks down, Aaron is there to help her out.

Our advice to other couples who want to live together is to take your time. Don’t rush it and get to know each other very well.

Guess what? We are planning our wedding for 2017!

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