include Me! A quality of life focus

How do individuals who access services funded by CLBC feel about their quality of life?


Where are individuals already experiencing positive outcomes?


How could the support and service that we offer help to make things even better?

These types of questions have been the driving force behind CLBC’s include Me! survey process and overall focus on quality of life.

include Me! invites individuals to participate in a survey that measures quality of life from their perspective. The information gathered from this process is rolled up to provide us with data at the agency, regional, and provincial level. The results provide valuable information with which we can begin to generate ideas, and consider areas in which we could make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

With cyclic re-administration of the survey, we are able to collectively evaluate the impact of the changes made in response to the data and share what we have learned. The results guide decision-making at all levels and help:

  • service providers identify areas in which they can make changes that would have a positive impact on the quality of life of the individuals they serve
  • inform CLBC’s overall policy and practice direction
  • individuals and families make choices about the types of services and supports that align best with their own quality of life priorities

CLBC has chosen the phrase include Me! to describe the survey process as it reflects our commitment to ensuring that individuals play a central role in making decisions that impact their lives. The survey is administered by individuals with developmental disabilities who are hired, trained, supported and paid by a research firm contracted by CLBC to conduct this work. While most individuals prefer this option (over 95% of participants thus far), people are also able to complete the survey via telephone or on-line. Having adults with developmental disabilities asking and answering the survey questions directly honours the expression and belief “nothing about us without us”.

More Information

Below are links to two short videos in which people talk about why this initiative is important to them. Click on the images to view each of the videos:

Tricia Lins, Self-Advocate, Project Assistant, include Me!

Shari Mahar, Executive Director, Community Integration Services Society

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