Individual and Family Preference in Procurement

CLBC works with many different service providers to arrange for services for people who are eligible for funded supports. We pay individuals, private companies and non-profit societies to provide approved residential, community inclusion and family support services. The process of finding the right service provider for an individual and then negotiating what they will provide and how much CLBC will pay them, is called procurement and contracting.

Our goal is to ensure that contracted services are the best possible match for the disability-related needs of each individual and that we are responsive to each person’s unique goals, dreams, and choices. Individual preference is a way for an individual and/or their family to take an active role in expressing preference for the service provider that best meets their needs. To learn more about Individual Preference, please click the links below:

Information for Families

A Guide to Individual Preference

Sample Questions

Click here to read the Procurement and Contracting Policy

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